My Commitment to You

  • To offer practical techniques to deal with mental and emotional distress.

  • To ensure that you start to feel better immediately (I don’t believe you have to feel worse before you feel better).

  • To use knowledge from the past to help you move on rather than dwelling on it endlessly.

  • To deal swiftly with trauma you may have experienced using a technique that avoids you having to talk about all the details.

  • To teach you relaxation techniques that will help you to deal better with life’s challenges.

  • To give you useful information about the neurology and biology of your difficulty should it be helpful.

  • To help you identify areas where your needs are not being well met and why this is so.

  • To also work with you to set realistic and achievable goals and agree on the best strategies for you to use.

  • To help you develop and use your own resources and help you develop valuable life skills which will enable you to move on.

Vanessa Ballance MSc HG.Dip.P MHGI SRN BACP (accred)