What is Human Givens

Human Givens therapy has arisen from the work of Joe Griffen and Ivan Tyrrell.

The term Human Givens refers to the basic emotional needs we are all born with regardless of our cultural backgrounds. Needs such as security, intimacy and friendship, feeling valued and a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. It also refers to the innate resources we possess which enable us to meet our needs such as the ability to build rapport and connect with others, imagination, emotions and instinct and a logical, rational mind that can question, analyse and plan.


The reason the Human Givens approach is so effective is because it has developed from observation, experience, the latest research from the biological and psychological sciences and our heritage of wisdom gathered through the ages. It is a much bigger organizing idea than earlier therapy models.


Human Givens therapy recognizes that in order to be effective as therapists we must be aware, not only of the basic human psychological and emotional needs, but also of the resources nature has given us to help us get those needs met.


It represents the way forward if we are to be more effective at helping people whatever they are suffering from.

You can find out more about Human Givens and discover how it helped other people by reading the articles below.

'Therapy always works best when it comes from a real understanding of what it takes to be a human being'