Welcome to Equilibrium Counselling Services

Hello and welcome to Equilibrium Counselling Services, a leading practice for Human Givens therapy, based in Herefordshire.

The ever-increasing pace of modern life means that people are having to adjust to job insecurity, longer working hours, increased responsibility and ever advancing technology. This has coincided with a breakdown in family and social relationships. In view of this, it is not surprising that psychological conditions, such as stress, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic anger and addictions are on the increase.

At Equilibrium I provide counselling support to help individuals understand what is happening to them, to make sense of their experiences and then to help them move forward and regain enjoyment of life.

I also provide counselling and psychotherapy services for people in the workplace, to help them become more resilient in the face of adversity. If someone is struggling with personal or work related issues they will not be able to function effectively. Early intervention through one to one counselling can help them to resolve these issues, thereby avoiding potential long term sick leave.

Why Human Givens?

Human Givens psychotherapy is a talking therapy. The term Human Givens refers to the basic emotional needs we are all born with and the innate resources we possess, which enable us to fulfil these needs.

Human Givens is a very practical approach to therapy which aims to put people back in control of their lives as quickly as possible by helping them think about their difficulties in new and more empowering ways.

'Life is Better in Balance'